Essay 2

Essay 2

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Throughout my whole life I have been taught how to play the sport of soccer, my father, and my grandfather played it so it was only a matter of time until I started practicing the sport in a real team. At 10 years of age and after watching numerous games in different leagues around the world I had finally decided that I was going to become a soccer player. I knew it was not going to be easy but if you put all of your effort in accomplishing your goals, anything could be possible.

-“I’m ready, I’m ready!” I yelled at my dad.
-“Are you sure?” he responded.
-“Of course!” I answered not knowing why I had to be so sure if I wanted play such a simple sport.

After the first day of practicing with my dad in the backyard of our house I believed I was going to become the greatest player in the history of soccer. After my first training session we created a schedule that would help me become a better player then finally it would get me to try out in a real league team. Not knowing how hard each of the training sessions were going to get each time I anxiously went out to get my first pair of cleats.

-“Are you sure you still want to play soccer? Asked my dad in a nervous tone.
- “Of course I do dad, I want to become the best soccer player ever!” I answered anxiously.

Not knowing why my dad was so nervous about me becoming a soccer player at such young age had me wondering all the way back to the house, so I asked my mom.

-“Why is dad so nervous of me playing soccer?”
-“He doesn't want you to get hurt” she replied.
-“Why would I get hurt, it’s only a game right?” I asked nervously.
-“Of course it is only a game, but there are always injuries, not only in soccer but in every sport” she answered back, and then left the room.

Wondering of how someone could get hurt for just playing a game had me thinking for the next few days until I finally had the courage to go online and searched for sports injuries, I admit what I saw wasn't pleasant but the thought...

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