Worldview - Essay 2

Worldview - Essay 2

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Phil 201, Sec. 18 / Long Paper
My worldview

I believe that the universe is the result of intelligent design; it has meaning and purpose. If some ultimate, enduring values exist then life does have meaning. Those values do exist so life does have meaning. Tolstoy stated “one shared, ultimate meaning exist to be discovered”. I am a like puzzle that is slowly being put together. I have free choice but ultimately God has a plan for me and in the end when my picture is complete all of those big and small choices I made will all fit together.
As for theory I fall under the constructivism label, I agree with it that the mind does take what is presented to it through all of our senses. Knowledge is constructed from all senses through known and unknown sources and processed through the filters I have created over the years. This does not mean that those filters cannot be changed or added to as new input is taken in. Constructivism is a way for me to make sense of what I see, think, and do; verbally and non-verbal. Using all of my senses to interact with my environment I add to or fill in the blanks of what I have already taken in. It is a way to incorporate what is externally available consciously and unconsciously through all forms as a way for me to reach what I hold to be truths, theories etc. that form my core being. How I take in something may be totally different than the person next to me which does not make one wrong and one right it how the brain fits in what the senses have take in and interprets it. Working in the education field this perspective works the best for me learning new material and teaching it.

The mind and body are said to be two different entities that have different characteristics. Many have argued that each holds its own properties and can be without the other. In my opinion, the mind and body are distinguishable in their properties but are derived from the other. The mind and body are co-dependent...

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