Why Do We Replicate Objects We Consider Beautiful

Why Do We Replicate Objects We Consider Beautiful

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Why do we replicate objects we consider beautiful?

We tend to replicate objects we consider beautiful because it can make us feel better about ourselves. Surrounding ourselves with beauty and/or making ourselves look beautiful can help one boost up there self esteem and confidence. By replicating beauty it shows that one is not strong enough to show public who he/she really is. Replicating beauty is a shield to hide ones real self and personality, and modeling themselves to fit within the standards placed on them by society.

Certain things such as makeup and accessories usually used by women, to replicate beauty are usually used to hide ones inner self. These items are to hide ones true beauty and to show a beauty that is more popular or fashionable to fit in with society. Society may have their own view of beauty, for example nice facial complexion, a certain body size and a certain way to act. See beauty can be judged on many bases but reality has made man perceive it as only physical. Society has gone so far in replicating objects we consider beautiful that they have gone to all extremes.

Items such as a nice expensive car or a huge house are used for one to feel that they are surrounded by beauty. These items are usually used as a footstone to make someone feel better about them and also expect a certain reward or treatment from others because of the items of huge financial status. People want society to judge them on the objects they have as if these objects provide them with the beauty they have worked so hard to replicate. They are often scared that people may not like them for who they really are and instead hide behind these items.

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