Why Study Philosophy

Why Study Philosophy

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Why Study Philosophy?

What does it mean to be a wise person and to make wise decisions? (For example: You are planning to start your own business after you graduate from KIMEP and in doing so you know that you will need a financial partner in order to get things going. A close friend recommends that his uncle has money and is looking to invest in a business. But you remember that this same uncle who a few years ago was on the news because he was involved in an accounting scandal with a major bank and later left the bank under a cloud of suspicion.) What role might wisdom play in making this business decision?

How does our “World View” affect the way we respond to others? (For example: You graduate from KIMEP and find yourself working at a foreign company. Things are going great until one day, several Americans, who work at the same firm, are in a heated discussion about the situation in the Middle East. Most of them believe that the War on Terror is justified and that Iran must be stopped. They then ask you for your opinion in order to find out your view on the War in Iraq. You don’t agree with their opinion but being new to the job you don’t want to offend them.) How might knowing their Western-influenced “World View” and being able to clearly express your worldview in a diplomatic way be important in this situation?

Why is it important to know the general rules of human conduct? (For example: You have just been made manager at the new Toyota firm and most of the employees under you are older than you and have more experience. One of your first assignments is to put together a team of people from your department in order to implement a new project that has been given to your division.) What are you going to have to know in order to work with these employees and to get them to cooperate together along with respecting you as their manager?

Why is it important to consider whether there is life after death or not? (For example: You were...

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