Why Write

Why Write

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I have found that writing keeps me sane. Through tough times writing has been my rock. It has given me a medium to express myself. Writing is unique and different for everyone and people write in different ways. Some people write poems that rhyme, some write poems that don't. Some write stories, some write simple sentences. Some people write music, others write songs. Some people write their feelings, and some people write about nothing in relevance at all. But still, we write.

Expressing yourself in any way is a good thing. The arts are very helpful for this. Through an art we can tell a story, we can SHOW people what we want to tell them. Writing is my art, It helps me express who I am. I find it hard to talk about my feelings face to face with someone but give me a pen and paper and I can turn my inner most feelings into words, transform them into something that they will understand. Through a pen I've got my voice.

The great thing about writing is that anyone can do it, regardless of culture, language, native tongue. We don't even have to show what we write to anybody, but seeing something on paper can help to organise our thoughts.

When I was very young A wise person told me that if I was ever really mad at someone, before I act I should write it down. I should write how I feel and why I feel that way. Then once you've vented all your negitive thoughts onto paper you will feel much better. You find that you were irrationally mad or ticked off and there won't be any tention because you didn't march right over there and give that person a peice of your mind. You simply wrote down how you felt

This peice of advice has been helpful to me, because many times I have rushed to conclusions and in retrospect, I see that the fault was my own.

When we write we generally write what is on our minds and through this we are given freedom of thought, even when we are being opressed, if we can write, we can think, and when we think, great things happen....

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