Why You Have No Friends

Why You Have No Friends

It appears to you that you have no friends what so ever for the following reasons:

1. You think hat you are right in your all so hg and mighty self righteous judgment.
2. Your life ambitions are to pretend to give a shit about the so called “saving the world” along with global warming and all of that fundamentalist reasonless matter, declare war on France, succeed in internet terrorism.
3. Third of all you seek help on you retarded social skills on a web site like this.

Now it seems that I have to meaninglessly type around 100-200 more words so this can be posted on this pathetic, abominable, anti socialistic, terminal excuse for a shity website on this so called, so wonderful internet that we have all seemed to come to terms with. Unless of course you are some kind of government issued person who gains money from other peoples dis-pleaser in witch case would you kindly go die is a dark whole.

But thus it seems even yeah more bull shit to be read from these words that I type witch I must sincerely regret to inform you that you are still reading. Well doesn’t bother me it just makes me wonder about how generally, social deformed you must be to still be giving one ounce of hope that you will gain something from this piece of writing. Instead of trying to depend on some useless lump of shit on this website or any other, work it out for your self. Ok looks like I am about done here now so yeah, I hope that not all of your time was wasted here, but for now, wake up.

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