Why I Choose Washington and Lee University

Why I Choose Washington and Lee University

Why I choose Washington & Lee and what I will contribute to the W&L community.

My timetable for a normal day in the W&L campus:

7 a.m: Get up. Take a deep breath. Open the window to enjoy the beautiful glow of Lexington’s dawn.
7.30 a.m: Go to the gym. Work out. Then take a shower.
8.30 a.m: Class time. Math, English and Creative writing.
12 p.m: Fabulous lunchtime in The Marketplace.
1 p.m: Work-study in the library.
4 p.m: Dancing club go wild!
6 p.m: Vegetable soup, chicken salad and a mega-sized burger. Yummy!
7 p.m: Homework.
10 p.m: Enjoying campus night life: movies, students’ concerts and café.
0.00 a.m: Goodnight Washington and Lee.

Is it a perfect routine for the life of a college student? The answer may be no, but, it is surely yes to me. Of course, a vague timetable can’t tell the whole picture of what I will do on a particular day at W&L – the 9th oldest university in the United States. I’ve always imagined, in a splendid morning when the romantic Virginia’s Great Valley is sparkling in sunshine, I lie down on green lawn in front of the Colonnade looking at the blue sky above. At sunset, I walk around halls, touch the white columns with my own hands and feel the smell of history that every layer of paint brings along. I will proudly wear the shirt that has the line SPEAK printed on the front, go everywhere in the campus and say a warming hello to anyone I meet. Hundreds years of honor and tradition watches every step I take, goes with me till I reach goals of my life.

Study at Washington and Lee, study to make a difference. The school’s enviable 1000 courses and strong curriculum not only sharpen the way I think but also broaden my mind and develop my creativity. Especially, the nationally accredited journalism program of W&L will fulfill my dream of becoming a program editor in a broadcasting company. I will have a chance to study in a unique environment which combines the finest characteristics of both a...

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