Why I Used What

Why I Used What


Soccer is beneficial to students for many reasons. Soccer keeps students active, allows them to meet new people and gives children an opportunity to learn life skills such as teamwork, communication and organization.

A great reason why soccer is beneficial to students is because playing the sport will keep you fit. Many students around the world suffer from obesity. Participating in soccer is an amazing way to help fight obesity. Children keep busy running and burning calories while they are having fun.

Soccer is a fantastic experience for students to meet new people. It is great for children to make new friends so that they can learn, share ideas and share experiences thoughts with each other. Talking and playing with new people can raise their confidence and self-esteem in a team effort. Even shy children will realize that it is not hard to communicate with other people.

Students can learn very important values in life such as teamwork. Teamwork is important for students to learn as early as they can because it helps develop character and helps you work well with others. Teamwork is usually developed over time and soccer helps speed up the process because soccer is a team played sport.

Overall soccer is very beneficial to students for the aforementioned reasons. Soccer is a popular sport around the world and is fun to play. Everyone should get involved in a soccer program at sometime in their life, because the experience and life lessons are priceless.

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