Why I Was Late for Work

Why I Was Late for Work

Why I was late for work

The evening before I was fifteen minutes late for work, I arrived home right before

dark. I waited for dinner to be cooked,then ate an hour or so later. After I finished

eating dinner I spent some time with my wife. Watched a few movies. I was

getting sleepy hours later, but before I went to take a shower I went to take out

the trash, My wife and I also went to check the mail before coming back up stairs.

When I got back up from taking out the trash, I took a long hot shower. After

getting out of the shower I made sure my clothes were ready for the next

morning. After lying down in the bed I reached over and set my alarm for 4:10. I

was up talking to my wife no longer than an hour when I feel asleep. I was

woken up somtime after that and told to roll over because I was snoring very

loud. So I feel back asleep and the next time I woke up was just before 5:00 am. I

woke up fifty minutes later than I needed to be up and leaving. I hurried up and

put on my clothes, put on my boots grabbed my cell phone an keys and hurried to

my truck. I head for work, it usally takes me fifteen minutes to get there, give or

take a few minutes on what kind of traffic there is in the morning. So I'm driving to

work, trying to hurry and get there. Went through all the lights, having to stop at a

couple. It took a while to get through the gate. I pulled up to work late. I found out

that my alarm went off at 4:10 p.m not 4:10 a.m. So from now on I will double

check my alarm clock to make sure its set for the right time.

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