Without Seeing the Dawn plot

Without Seeing the Dawn plot

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TITLE: Without Seeing the Dawn
AUTHOR: Steven Javellano
- Manhayang Sta. Barbara, some were in negros
- Ilo-ilo City
World War II; Japanese Invasion
Carding - An industrious, strong and sometimes quick-tempered young man. The son of JuanSuerte who helps his father to plow the land.
Lusing - The beautiful daughter of Teniente Paul. Holds the beauty title as Ms. Barangay Fiesta.And Cardings, sweetheart
Teniente Paul - Barangay Chief of Manhayang
• The Filippino resistance and movements against the Japanese while they occupied the Philippines.
• How the Filipinos lived before and during the invasion of the Japanese.
• The Filipinos constant search for Love, Justice and Freedom.

Set in a small farming village called Manhayang, Sta. Barbara, somewhere in Negros. Like most rural baranggays, the hardworking and closely-knit village folk there had simple needs, simple wants, and simple dreams. They were living their own simple lives when the violence of war reached their place and brought death to their village, their homes and their hearts

RISING ACTION: Without seeing the Dawn involves a young couple who get married during World War II. If follows the story of this couple through their lives, including an infidelity and the loss of their home and land.
CLIMAX: When Ricardo’s knowing the truth that their father and son died because they were killed by Japanese soldiers not by illness and his wife raped by the Japanese occupiers. And he becomes an enemy executioner.
FALLING ACTION: When the Japanese invaders ordered the people to go in their designated barrio to be identified as non guerillas the Manhayang villagers evacuated the area, except for Lucia who wanted to wait for Ricardo who would be leading the “suicide attack” at the enemy’s garrison.
RESOLUTION: It talks about family obstacles, most of the family in real life came upon in this situation. And for that Lucia and...

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