Women Equality

Women Equality

Society and Culture HSC Assessment 3.
Depth Study2- Equality and Difference.

It is evident that women around the world and in Australia have been, and continue to be discriminated against and prejudiced against on the basis of their sex. Through time, feminist movements in Australia have led to the lessening of stereotypes based on sex and the growing awareness of women in society.
However, it is evident that women are still at the receiving end of public discrimination to a degree, not given equal opportunities (especially within the workplace), and doubted of their power and ability.
I have used content analysis to examine two newspaper and magazine articles/scenarios relating to equality and difference in regards to women in Australia.

1) How sexism, stigma and scandal destroyed my political career. Back from the Brink. (The Australian)
-informs us of how former Tasmanian frontbencher, Paula Wriedt, was discriminated against through sexist attitudes of the public and fellow politicians, which led to her resignation from politics.
2) Gillard Bares All (Spike- SMH)
-is a short article and photo of The Hon Julia Gillard in 2005, questioning her political capability in regards to her domestic housekeeping “incapability”.

Through these two articles I will identify issues of social differentiation, power and authority, conflict and co-operation, and prejudice and discrimination, in relation to women in Australian society.

1)How sexism, stigma and scandal destroyed my political career.
AND Back from the Brink.
On 13th June 2009, The Australian and The Weekend Australian Magazine published an article, written by Julie Anne Davis, regarding the truth behind the crashing of Tasmanian Politician Paula Wriedt in 2008.
Julie Anne Davis writes the article in an informative interview, the interviewee only Paula Wriedt, thus allowing readers to be sympathetical and non-judgmental towards her situation and past. We are only given Wriedts’ side of the...

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