Kha-lil Goodman Mr.Montemaggiore

In the 17th century the Enlightenment started in England and it hit its high point in France and America in the 18th century. Enlightenment writers like John Locke used natural laws to satisfy their ideas about how people should live and what to expect from their government. The Enlightenment writers went against divine right of monarchy and unfair social classes. Enlightenment thinkers inspired European monarchs to make reforms and their methods eventually encouraged the American and French Revolutions. Enlightenment thinking formed long term effects that helped shape Western civilization.

Absolute monarchy is when one person has all the power and nobody else is more powerful than him except God. According to document 2 it shows Louis XIV controlling everyone with strings. He’s doing that because he was an absolute monarch. He called himself ‘The Sun King”. He had the palace of Versailles. By him making it put France in debt. He was a conceited king. He had Divine Right to rule from God.

There was many ideas for the Enlightenment. There was also Enlightenment writers. According to document 3 it shows the Second Treatise on Government written by John Locke. The document tells about natural rights. Natural rights are rights that God gave you when you was born. The Second Treatise on Government influenced Thomas Jefferson to write the D.O.I. John Locke was one of the four Enlightenment writers.

The Enlightenment challenged absolute monarchy in many ways. In document 5 it shows the Declaration of Independence. It says men are created equal but according to absolute monarchy men weren’t. In document 6 it shows Voltaire Frederick 2 the King of Prussia wrote. It tells how he wanted his people to be happy unlike absolute monarchy it was all about what the king wanted. Enlightenment...

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