University of Phoenix Material
Appendix A
Time Log
Make a list of all the activities you engaged in yesterday. Be as specific as possible.

1. Did you accomplish everything you needed to accomplish? If not, what barriers made you unable to complete these tasks? If you were able to accomplish your goals for the day, how did your skills help you? No I didn’t accomplish all my task to day. I wanted to cook dinner at 3pm but my husband took to long in the mall.

2. Highlight (by changing the font color or using the highlighting tool on the toolbar) areas where you had unscheduled time. This can be time spent watching T.V., talking on the phone to friends, reading a magazine, a lunch break, or surfing the Internet (not academic). While some of these activities are required for managing stress, what opportunities do you see that can reduce some of the time spent on these activities, providing you with more time to get your tasks completed? During the time that was left blank I was in the mall. On a normal day around those times I’ m watching television and playing with my kids.

3. Everyone procrastinates from time to time. Is there any evidence of procrastination during your day? If so, how did your procrastination affect your day? If not, describe a time where you have procrastinated. What were the consequences and how did they affect you? What three strategies from the reading would benefit you the most in overcoming procrastination? Yes I procrastinated today I was supposed to clean up today but instead I did other things. None of them I don’t procrastinate on a regular basis.

6:00 a.m.
Still asleep at this time

6:30 a.m.
This is when I woke up this morning.
My 6 month old daughter woke up crying for a diaper change and bottle.
7:00 a.m.
I changed diapers and fed my son and daughter

7:30 a.m.
I put Dora the Explora on tv for my 1 yr. old...

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