Worthwhile Reading

Worthwhile Reading

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Worthwhile Reading
Some people read to learn, some read for amusement and others read only when it is absolutely necessary. Whatever the reason is, time spent on reading is never time wasted. Reading is always worthwhile because everything we read can become useful. I believe that we can enrich our life experiences, get the courage to face the problems in life as well as improve our language by reading a great novel.

First, reading is a wonderful way to increase our life experiences. Due to the shortness of our life, we cannot possibly have the chance to undergo every excellence or harshness on the earth. However, we can find all of this in books. While we read a great piece of literature, we become part of the protagonist. We “penetrate” his life, feel his happiness and “endure” with him all his hardships. We are so into it that the story transforms our perception and attitudes about life without us noticing and that the character’s experiences become our own. In this way, we can collect a significant amount of life experiences just by reading novels.

When we are facing a problem in life, the experiences we have collected during our reading can then turn out to be useful. Indeed, our difficulties seem so little compared to all the sufferings experienced and surmounted by main characters in novels that it gives us the courage and the determination to face them. As Michael Korda declared in his essay, it is encouraging to know that our problems are not unique but have been faced by other people, and overcome. Although we can’t truly use those experiences, they can however psychologically motivate us.

In the end, on top of getting life experiences and the courage to surmount all the obstacles in life, books can also be a wonderful teacher. Reading is, without a doubt, an excellent method to improve our language. In fact, while we read, we learn about vocabularies and sentence structure. All books, doesn’t matter it’s literature or...

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