Reading and Comprehension: Supplemental Reading

Reading and Comprehension: Supplemental Reading

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CheckPoint: Reading and Comprehension

Words per minute were 580 on the supplemental reading.


• Improve reading comprehension

• Think positively and critically

• Decide how you are going to read before you start

• Make sure plenty of time is allotted for studying

• Build up your vocabulary

• Work on increasing your reading speed

I should have used a critical-thinking approach. But, the subject matter was not necessary difficult and most of the information was already familiar to me. That does not mean that I always use what I learned. I always try to do my best in applying what I have read in to my papers.

My laptop is on my dining room table. This is where I usually complete my schoolwork. While doing this assignment television was playing in the background. I realize that one should read and do work in a better environment which is less distracting. Fortunately, I possess excellent tuning out abilities. The only time I have trouble concentrating occurs when I do not want to do something.

If there is something I must do, then I buckle down and just complete it. I will tell myself that what I am doing is important to my future and I am able to attack it in a new light. Sometimes this proves harder than it sounds but, it has worked so far. As far as being emotionally involved, this reading was not something I could become absorbed in. It was something that had to be done, so I did it.

The two reading purposes I employed were, #1 – read for understanding and # 3 – read for practical application. Like I stated previously, the assignment was a necessary tasks to help me improve myself and it was required. That means it falls in to the must do category as far as I am concerned.


Primary Sources are original works like journal articles and scientific writings. They are not papers or documents based on those writings.

Concentration is when...

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