Axia Week 7 Checkpoint: Reading and Comprehension

Axia Week 7 Checkpoint: Reading and Comprehension

The reading “8 Secrets to a Knockout Business Presentation” was 580 words long. I timed myself at 1.5 minutes; therefore my reading speed is 387 words per minute.

8 Secrets to a Knockout Business Presentation
According to the article, there are 8 secrets to ensure you deliver a knockout business presentation. These secrets are;
• Avoiding information overload can increase information retention by 189%
• Practice delivery to create a non distracting compelling speech.
• Keep it professional and comedic free.
• Use props but not to excess.
• Talk less about your company and more about how you can help the listener
• Speak simply and precisely
• Use PowerPoint to compliment your speech rather then carry it

What was your approach to reading the selection?
When I read the article I had an open mind and a positive approach. I knew the content was something I was familiar with as I often have to give presentations and proposals to managers and directors at my work place. I felt positive that not only could I understand the article but actually retain some good tips from it.

What was your reading setting?
I put time aside after my lunch hour at work, when a lot of people are at lunch and the work load slows down. This gave me a little time and peace to concentrate on the content of the article

How did you minimize distractions?
I minimize distractions while I was reading the article by closing my email, turning off my instant messenger and closing my to-do list. I cleared a space on my desk so I wasn’t distracted by my to-do notes either. This all may sound a little extreme but I am constantly so busy at work I had to take the time to get my mind out of work mood.

Did you become emotionally involved?
I became emotional involved to the degree that I can actually relate the content. I am really quite shy when it comes to public speaking and always looking for ways to both improve my public speaking and presentation quality....

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