Reading and Comprehension Skills

Reading and Comprehension Skills

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Hello my name is bob Richardson I'm here to talk to you about reading and comprehension.

I myself am not a strong reader but have good comprehension skills. There are many reasons why people have problems reading some include:

• not concentrating on the material. If you are not paying attention to what your reading you cant understand it.

• Encountering vocabulary words in which you are not familiar. If you don’t know the words you cant possibly be expected to understand them.

• Stopping on any given word for to long. When you get fixated on a word you forget what you have read and put all focus on that word.

• Not reading often enough to build speed. If you don’t practice you don’t get better.

vocabulary is an important part of reading also. there are many words you and I may not know when we read, but that just means we get to learn something new. that is a good thing that just supports the fact that nobody knows everything. if you come across a word you don't know look it up and you will know it the next time you see it. here are some things that may help you learn new words

• make a personal spelling word list every week like you did in elementary school. write the word a few times , write the definition, use it in a sentence.

• do crossword puzzles and other word puzzles that will expose you to new words.

• read a dictionary for a few minutes a day.

the more you read the more you will learn and the better you will get. people have time to read if they just look for it and use it. here are some times when you may have never thought about reading.

• when you are on the bus or riding in the car

• in waiting rooms at doctors' offices or government buildings

• on rainy days or nice day when you have nothing to do

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