Wright - Essay

Wright - Essay

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Background aims at putting the poem briefly into some sort of context. This can be

embroidered as much or as little as the teacher sees fit. It is most important, however, that it

should be dealt with quite quickly. Precious time should rather be spent on the poem itself.

Teachers should remember that knowledge of historical/biographical context is not a formal

Assessment Objective in this syllabus; students are not expected to show knowledge of it in

the exam (not least as there is always the risk of their wasting valuable time in regurgitating

second-hand details – for which they will gain no credit).

Teacher notes to assist a first reading aims at clarifying some areas of potential

difficulty/obscurity and add to (rather than simply repeat) the glosses accompanying the

poem in the anthology.

Student exercises to assist a closer reading of the poem as a whole is the most

important section. It gives some suggestions to teachers for ways to get students to work

individually or in pairs/groups on aspects of the poem which they can then discuss together.

In the spirit of the syllabus, its aim is always to encourage students to deepen their own

response to what they read. So, much of this section is in the form of questions. These

might be used in different ways. Teachers might allow the students to work through their

own modified version of the questions as preparation for a lesson when answers can be

compared and a discussion developed. Alternatively, such questions might be used as a

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