Writing Guideline: Interest of the Readers

Writing Guideline: Interest of the Readers

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Alexis Almaraz
P. 6
Due: 1.28.09

SECTION : Valley

2. The people that would read this topic would be all teenagers and concerned parents .most parents would be worried if this was their child. The teenagers get into a car accident or worse they could hurt some one else.

3. The majority of people that would read this would be reading this topic would be the Santa Clara county because this happened in the Santa Clara county and the newspaper is from San Jose Mercury News

4. The interest in the reader would be:
1. Why they ran away
2. Where they went to
3. How old they were

5. The teenagers parents gave the information to the police and the police released it into the paper
staff would be:
1. police department
2. news paper editor
3. the reporter
The time required for the paper to come out would be 24 hours it also takes skills to get the information

Section: Valley

2. The mothers would be the main reader to react to the topic. The reason is because giving birth to 8 babies is very difficult. Its an amazing story topic to read

3. The readers would live in California. I also believe readers would be all over the world. This story is a historical moment in time

4. The readers interest would be historical. Also it is an amazing story. The readers were probably surprised

5. The mother had the octuplets and the hospital staff helped deliver the babies and the reporter helped make them so historical the time it toke to have the babies was 5 minutes and the doctor that deliver had delivering skills

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