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Of the four topics listed, which one seems the most interesting to you as a person? That is the one you should write about. Start with a blank sheet of paper and doodle while you think about the topic.

Then start to write down any ideas that enter your head. Pay no attention to spelling or grammar, but try to record the thoughts. Use little picture drawing if you need to. At this point it does not all have to be in words.

When this becomes boring, move on to the next stage. Start a new piece of paper and while looking at the stuff you have already written, attempt to sort the original ideas into logical groups or stuff that goes together well. You might do this in pencil to make moving items easy. Now is the time to translate any pictures into words. Use a dictionary for help.

Now organize the groups into a series. A beginning, middle parts and ending. Use another piece of paper if you must. Start to pay attention to your grammar. Does what you are writing make sense? Add details when this will help to clarify your thoughts. Remember that an essay is an attempt to put your thought and feelings onto paper. It is an expression of what is inside of you for those outside.

Now is the time to use a word processor. Type in what you have written on paper and check the spelling. Have someone else read over it if the project is for school.

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