Writing Is Hard

Writing Is Hard

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My Feeling with Writing
I feel comfortable with writing now. Before I took the ESL 106, I was afraid of writing an essay. However, writing is interesting to me after ESL 106. Writing is always difficult and complicated, especially to people whose language is not English. I am from Vietnam. My first language is not English; therefore, I had a lot of difficulties in expanding my writing idea and organizing an essay orderly. After studying ESL 106 class, I knew many essay styles in English; such as comparison essay, cause and effect essay, and example essay. Even though I had studied those essays before ESL 106, I still did not know how to write a perfect essay. Studying ESL 106 class, I had many experiences with writing; such as a memorable experience, a challenging experience, and academic writing experiences in college.

With ESL 106 writing class , I have a lot of memory. I remember that there were some activities that I had never spent before. For example, after finishing one draft of an essay, I needed to correct errors by tutor’s help in the writing center. I think it is very good activity because after correcting errors, I know much more about English writing rules. Another memory is that I have to work with partners to get idea for an essay. One essay about that is “Cause and Effect essay”. My group had to listen to each other’s story, so that we could organize the essay. That is also good skill. Not only did I get more idea for the essay, but I also improve my speaking skill. I could study more English grammar to support my essays ESL 106 class as well. Studying grammar is very good for me because I can write each sentence correctly.

Writing is always challenging me because each essay has different problem. My two first essays were like homework. I could use translator or dictionary to look for the work that I don’t know to support the essays. However, the problem is that because I just started studying ESL 106 class not so long, I made a lot of...

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