Wsj #2

Wsj #2

Part I

Article I Title: "EBay Plans Classified Buyouts"

This article pertains to EBay's "arenas" element of the business strategy diamond because the acquisitions made by them will expand their scope of targeted arenas in which they do business in terms of location, as well as market segmentation, which further diversifies their existing efforts to tap into the classifieds ads market share within the US and abroad.

Article II Title: "EBay Cuts Listing Fees as Competition Increases"

The following article relates to EBay’s "differentiator" element of the business strategy diamond because the dramatic cut in their list prices. Roughly 1.5 months ago, EBay stated that it would cut weekly listing fees from $4 per item to monthly listing fees of 35¢ per item. This tradeoff is in hopes to increase the number of unique visitors that list.

Article III Title: EBay Acquires Leading Classified Sites In Denmark

This article relates to EBay’s “vehicle” element of the business strategy diamond. The acquisition of Denmark’s 25-year leading classified websites, Den Bla Avis and BilBasen, expands EBay’s global market share to 20 countries and 1,000 cities, now reaching the local Danish consumer needs.

Article IV Title: EBay Inc. Buys Leading Payments and Classifieds Businesses, Streamlines Existing Organization To Improve Growth

The article pertains to the “staging” element of the business strategy diamond because of EBay’s willingness to pace themselves while partitioning into separate business industries. They’ve chosen to slash labor costs, which has increased their available resources, while they expand via acquisitions simultaneously. EBay is currently on the hunt for opportunity outside the US that may not be available to them in the future. This gives the company the type of senses of urgency and resource consolidation they need to continue avoiding stagnation.

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