Xyz Disaster Plan

Xyz Disaster Plan

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Disaster Plan



In other to have a good disaster plan in place for XYZ, the first thing they should look into is a very complete investigation of all possible risk that are currently within the network or that could possibly arise in the near future. This will involve looking at all the servers, computers, networks, printers, hubs, and or switches. The type and scope of risk many networks face include human error (intentional or unintentional), viruses, loss of data from employees and business partners in some cases. However, some risks are more dangerous than others and the company should scale these risk based on the magnitude of what their possible effects could be.
The general saying of “better be safe than sorry” comes into full effect here. It is already a known fact that natural disaster are prone to happen in the area due to heavy rain. XYZ’s main focus here should be more geared towards prevention. The company should have a good backup system that will retain it data in the event a natural disaster occurs. The use of RAID tapes should be enforced for all company data to be back up daily.
Downtimes in business, especially if it’s a production type environment could be very costly for companies. As a result, determination should be carried out as to what data and application need to be backed up and what time frame would be involved in retrieving it when the need arises. It is a smart business practice to test your disaster plan once implemented.
XYZ Computers’ Information Systems Technology (IST) Department is located on the first floor of the building. And it is a known fact that this part of the United States is very prone to heavy rain and flooding, and it was mentioned earlier how flooding has recently caused a loss of a server in the building, and to even make matters worse there are no firewalls in place as well. All those situations are an open...

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