haha 7:20
"whether you've got crabs.."
cb4allstar2 (1 week ago) 0 Reply
so true
combatfrogs (2 weeks ago) 0 Reply
o grate video
bangalirussian (2 weeks ago) 0 Reply
good review
kn9iou (2 weeks ago) 0 Reply
Quick Review !!
jmccauley141 (3 weeks ago) 0 Reply
dude you know your stuff!! and it was more enjoyable than looking at a book!!
gamemaster014 (3 weeks ago) 0 Reply
wow he really did name all the important points of calculus
jrldorado (4 weeks ago) 0 Reply
wish i saw these when i was in college. calculus kills me. brrr....
oneism1984 (1 month ago) +1 Reply
Some constructive crit

Lots of general overviews and then explicit mention of chain rule and u-substitution. Lack of consistency. +

How can you introduce integration without Riemann sums? Sure, the fundamental theorem of calculus says that the integral is the antiderivative evaluated at the limits of integration, but that is the WOW FACTOR! I think a better intro is to begin with the definition of integral by Riemann sum. It would be like talking about differentiation without limits.
rafloz18 (1 month ago) 0 Reply
LOL, this is awesome!!!
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June 11, 2007
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