yes three

yes three

ARRC-CPC-E-D-DB 27 October 2010


SUBJECT: Officer Professional Development SOP

1. I cannot overstate the importance of ensuring officers of the 316th POC are trained to a high standard and prepared to lead PSYOP Soldiers in wartime. Officers must be trained not only in individual skills, but must be prepared to integrate with their supported units and provide superior PSYOP planning and execution guidance to their subordinates. Within the Army Reserve, we are handicapped within a system of limited time and resources, yet are expected to have our officers developed sufficiently to ensure tactical and technical competence when leading Soldiers on the battlefield.
2. Key competencies for our officers include:
a. A thorough understanding of Army and PSYOP doctrine and TTPs.
b. A thorough understanding of staff processes to include operations orders and the Military Decision Making Process (MDMP).
c. Basic tactical competence to include battle drills, weapons, NVGs, communications, and loudspeaker operations.
d. Basic administrative competence to include maintenance, supply and personnel operations.
3. I am implementing a planned developmental program to ensure officers gain the key experiences and knowledge they must have to become the best detachment commanders possible and to ensure they are prepared to lead troops competently both in peace and war. The development steps listed below are a minimum. Officers must embark on a program of perpetual self-development to maintain competency and prepare for higher levels of responsibility.
4. Officers will strive to complete the following within 36 months of assignment;:
a. Resident training:
(1) Attend Basic Officer Leadership Course.
(2) Attend the PYSOP Officers Qualification Course (POQC).
(3) Attend the Captain’s Career Course. Assigned lieutenants may not be able to meet the 36 month timeline for the Career Course, but will...

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