You Don't Know Jack

You Don't Know Jack

For the Right to Die

Do you think you have the right to a personal decision to end or to continue your life? Well Jack Kevorkian thinks that everyone has the right to make their own decision.

The movie You Don’t Know Jack is one of very risque and touchy subjects. Physician assisted suicide which used to be 100% illegal and is still illegal in many states. Dr. Kevorkian was a man who was willing to take risks. Against all odds he takes on the Medical world on full speed ahead even though a majority of the population thinks he is probably clinically ill himself. He very cleverly developed a device that allows the patient to essentially kill themselves. This way he can override the Michigan law which deemed physician assisted suicide illegal.

His first patient was an older woman with Alzheimers disease. Her name was Janet Adkins. She very swiftly pulled the trigger to her medical treatment the second Dr. Kevorkian offered her the option. Although he didn’t fully think she was the best possible patient for the first test. Since during their meeting she seemed pretty functional. Kevorkian meets a lawyer after the first death and he is one of the few people who fully believes in his practices. He refers to himself as a sort of frankenstein on the morning talk show he was invited to be on. Since he is someone who was made to look evil based on the views of the public but he was actually doing it for the greater good. Dr. Kevorkian pushes a very fine line of being a murderer or a public servant. Being part of multiple suicides and being very publicly known as the guy who helps people kill themselves. His trusty lawyer is at his side for every suicide and handles the media extremely well. Kevorkian doesn’t let losing his medical license slow him down one bit. Shortly after his 2nd and 3rd assisted suicide he was invited to be on the Barbara Walters show. He has a very good way with words and makes it very easy for people to start to empathize for him and...

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