youn Heroes in Harry Potter

youn Heroes in Harry Potter

In Harry potter, j.k Rowling’s young heroes, Harry, Hermione and Ron are central figures who outshine throughout the series of seven books and make themselves eminent by performing heroic deeds by dint of their talent without anyone’s help.
Harry is the hero of the story. Orphaned as a baby, he is brought up by his aunt and uncle. . In the first year of his life alone, he's becomes a celebrated hero amongst wizards and witches. As McGonagall tells Dumbledore,

"He'll be famous – a legend – I wouldn't be surprised if today was known as Harry Potter day in the future – there will be books written about Harry – every child in our world will know his name!" (1.82)
Neglected and disdained, Harry grows up to be a timid boy unsure of his abilities.
His sudden fame as a wizard at Hogwarts comes as a fate that we feel is very much deserved after his youthful suffering. While flying is something that's taught at Hogwarts, too, not everybody is equally skilled at it. But Harry's a natural. He's worried about using a broomstick just like he is about any other magical thing. As soon as he takes off, though, he realizes he has a knack for it:

[I]n a rush of fierce joy he realized he'd found something he could do without being taught – this was easy, this waswonderful. (9.48)

He's also got an natural talent for the game of Quidditch, as McGonagall's remark that his "father would have been proud" of Harry because "[h]e was an excellent Quidditch player himself" (9.88-90).
Hermione is an annoying perfectionist, a goody-two-shoes “who has read all the books for her classes in advance, has learned all about Hogwarts, and never breaks the rules”. Her intellectual talents are indeed worthy of pride, as we find out later when she scores 112 percent on her final exam.
Ron comes from a long line of wizards on both sides of his family, making him a pureblood. This would normally give his family a higher status in the...

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