Your Potential

Your Potential

Personal Strengths and Weaknesses

I would have to say I have many strengths. One of them is driven. When I set my mind to something there is very little anyone could do to change my mind. I see what I want and I go after it. There has been times in my life where one career just doesn’t do it for me. For example, I have been in marketing, and when I was in marketing I decided to open my first restaurant. There has always been room for growth which I am proud of. Another personal strength is that I am extremely self-motivated. This has to be one of my favorite of many.

Hard-working and determined are by far the two that explain me the best. I love a challenge and determination is key to my success. Having these two strengths are very important. Many of my achievements have been because of this. A hard worker will always get ahead in life. No matter what life throws or how many things go wrong determination will get the work done. So you see many of my motivations and creativity come from this inner energy to love my life and to always go after what is most important to me. Life is about not being scared to fall but having the courage to get back up.

Now, as everyone has strengths we all have faults. Weaknesses are not always the things we like to brag about but, it has to be said that nobody is perfect. If I had to point out one of them and not such a bad one. It would be my son. He could convince me to get him almost anything. He always has a good excuse to why I should get him what he is asking for. A great debater just like me in my earlier years It is amazing to see the things we do as parents to see our children happy. It could be in many ways a bad habit but I am willing to use that to my...

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