Zilack Organizational Structure - Paper

Zilack Organizational Structure - Paper

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The Accounting and Finance Functional Area focuses on budgets, costs,
revenues, and expenses to support Zilack’s business model of projected growth. Include
two of the following for the updated Accounting and Finance Functional Area plan. In
addition, explain how the Accounting and Finance Functional Area will adhere to a code
of ethics available for stakeholders.

As many businesses become more Worldwide, the need for accounting software
is growing. Accounting departments, have many purposes including
payroll, departmental finance management, allocating funds for taxes, and
archiving financial paperwork, software that can be used for more than one task
helps accounting and finance departments run more efficiently.
Zilack’s Corportation invests in accounting software that will aid accountants
in bookkeeping, tax accounting, and other business accounting tasks. Even if
you use one account, the right software is worth the investment.
You have to consider your company growth rate, updated software your
accounting department is using, and if there are programs that can used for
multi-tasking. Zilack’s should also consider the cost of installation and training.

CPA jobs are often categorized by skill and credentials. Zilack’s
Corporation had to be clear on posting for positions within the company, about
job tasks and specific certifications you expect employees working in accounting
department to have the search for the perfect candidates will be much
easier. There are many levels to strategic planning, the most important one seems
to be financial planning. Because finances dictate the amount of people who will
be able to work on a project and the time in which it can be completed, a
financial planner may be needed to help organizes and prioritize each phase of a
project. Financial planning experts will be able to make recommendations on
how to save money, were to spend more money, and when to spend. Depending

on the size of the project...

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