A Bond Made Stronger

A Bond Made Stronger

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A bond made stronger
When someone hurts you, do you build up intense rage towards this individual? Do you anger at the sight of them? Do you perhaps feel this person deserves no forgiveness? In my experience, I have learned that forgiving comes in steps, and when we reach the final step forgiveness comes quite easily. When we don’t forgive people who have done harm or bad things to us, it only hurts us, and when we forgive that person, the healing can begin.

In the article “Forgiveness” by Anne Lamott, the author suggest that forgiving others is the key to forgiving yourself. If we dwell on the things other people do to us, it only frustrates and ultimately hurts us. In order to forgive others we have to dig deep within ourselves to find the true reason we are angry, and when we find forgiveness for others we will be much better off. I agree with Anne Lamott. In my experience people’s actions are sometimes hurtful, whether intentional or not. Forgiveness is the key to mending the pain that was inflicted. After all is said and done, the experiences I was left to dwell on, have not left me bitter or discouraged. Instead they gave me hope. “I felt around inside my heart, and it was not so cold or hard” (92). I was not left unhappy or spiteful. I did not carry a vengeance in me. I did not seek revenge, or cause harm to the other person. To forgive, is to be the stronger individual and leave with only love for the other person,

My best friend John and I have known each other since we were 7 years old. We had a very close bond, inseparable, always together at school, in the evenings, and on most weekends. We were best of friends; we would even tell strangers we were brothers. As we got older things started to change. John and I started to have different interests. He liked to party and go out, while I was more interested in going to church and being focused on my studies. By the time we were 15, he was drinking excessively and...

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