A Constructive Letter for Teachers

A Constructive Letter for Teachers

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Self-reflection letter

Subject: Writing

Dear Ms Hieu Thuy,

I write this letter to tell you about how I deal with writing section, its situation, and some recommendation to better it next semester.

First, I would like to mention what I have learnt and what I have encountered this semester when learning new kinds of writing. For what I have learnt, new types of writing skills have been introduced and I fortunately got used to and finished them quite well. Specifically, I had special interest in review because many skills should be used at the same time to write this type of writing. Besides, synthesis was a tough but helpful skill as it required generalization skill in a correct way. The importance is that learners have to use facts and figures from different sources to support their ideas without being considered as plagiarism. However, to handle these skills is not as easy as breathing. I had to refer to many references and samples to know the way and the style to write each type of writing. In the text book, it did not contain enough information to support learners in the effort to write those kinds of writing. I always wondered how to produce a piece of writing while I did not know the way to write it. Luckily, everything has been covered.

Second, I think that this semester cannot be considered to be successful because of some problems. The first one, the punctuality should be paid special attention. Sometimes, the class time has been started for nearly 20 minutes, but you have not come yet. I know your style of working is professional and it has been proved during your teaching experience. To save time for learning new subject, punctuality must be re-concerned. The second one lies in the lectures. I think that for each type of writing you should provide us THE WAY how to produce instead of its theory or something like that. As I said above, I spent much time reading samples of each kind to point out how to produce it. Although text book is...

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