A Dream Come True Story

A Dream Come True Story

A Dream Come True
I wandered aimlessly down the gravel road and cut into a narrow alley when I found the piercing wind unbearable. Fat mice scurried past the wet and steamy pipes while cars sped by the dim street lights and disappeared into the dark. I leaned my body against the weathered red brick wall and gazed up into the dull, gloomy night sky.

Suddenly a rough forceful hand grabbed onto my ragged frayed blouse and lifted my body off the cold hard ground. My whole body was paralyzed by fear as my eyes desperately tried to search for the sudden attacker and was startled to see a pair of squinty, ominous eyes glaring right back at mine. In a split second, a sudden searing pain flashed through my brain, with my cheeks burning red hot and blood rushing up my throat. I frantically tried to scream for help yet no sounds came out from my dried throat. I tried to inhale a deep breath and allow my self to think clearly before my attackers grip tightened again, and with his rigid knucklebones smashing into my collarbones, a canvas of darkness shadowed my eyes.

As I finally regained my consciousness, I found myself being thrown harshly into a tin garbage can, surrounded by piles of garbage and filth. The sudden stench of the rubbish stung my nostrils and I immediately vomited beside the damp muddy ground. I breathed in a gust of cool air, with cold sweat gliding down my face. I weakly supported myself up and gingerly touched my wounds as I strode back out into the main road. This was nothing unusual in my daily life, at least for the last four or five years. Bullies seemed to favor picking on weaklings like me. I had no one to blame, except for my heartless and drunk father who nearly sold me like a slave after losing yet another bet.

My tangled and greasy hair blew in all directions as the heat from all that commotion was now replaced by that lost and abandoned feeling. A little boy hopped by me, chuckling and giggling while his parent...

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