A Positive Emotional Experience

A Positive Emotional Experience

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Motivation is based on emotions; in search of a positive emotional experience and to avoid negative emotional experiences. The motivation is involved in the performance of all learned responses. This is the behavior that would not happen if it works. (Baumeister 2004) In general, psychologists question the motivation is a primary or secondary influence on behavior.

Motivation is the willingness to provide a high level of effort to achieve the goals of the organization, due to the efforts possible to meet individual needs. Everyone possess some definite needs with their goals. To get the goals and meet the needs of that person wants, they will agree to perform work and provide services in exchange for what they want. One key to these arrangements satisfactory manner, they are being treated fair. People want to be constantly treated fairly. Perceived factors are considered sufficient in terms of an employee's wages, benefits, bonuses, if any incentives, etc. Salary and benefits are not seen as motivators, as well as the right to work that way. If an agreement is seen as unfair, that person will be dissatisfied, which would result in poor morale. But if you consider the agreement as fair, it will play its role in the human person is "motivated" worker. (Carver 2001)

Different theories of motivation
Maslow hierarchy of needs
The most well-known theory of motivation is Maslow hierarchy theory. (Cervone 2006) In this theory, Maslow explains that in every person there is a hierarchy of five types of needs:
a. Physiological needs: At the same fundamental human needs, are wanted, they have food, drink, shelter and other bodily needs. (Baumeister 2004)
b. Safety requirements: In doing so, the safety and protection from physical and emotional harm is the people wanted.
c. Social needs: Lesions, effects, acceptance, and friendship are searching for people.
d. Respect for the needs: Internal factors, such feelings, as...

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