A Risk That Is a Life Saver

A Risk That Is a Life Saver

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Melissa Nicholls

Title: "A Risk that is a Life Saver"


Exact purpose: After listening to my speech, the audience will be more aware of the symptoms, types and treatments for Bipolar Disorder.

* Attention-getter:
* Audience motivation:
* Credibility: How to deal with Bipolar Disorder and how to help a love one; personal research. [Family instance]
* Purpose: To become aware of Bipolar Disorder and available treatments.
* Preview: Focus on three aspects of Bipolar Disorder:
--Symptoms, cause and diagnosis.
-- Types of Bipolar Disorder

[Transition to Body]


I. There are several symptoms of Bipolar Disorder, cause and diagnosis.
A. Bipolar patients can have all symptoms of mania and depression.
1. Mania symptoms can include irritability, aggression, euphoric mood, increase of energy, and sexual drive.
2. As many 25 percent of patients with Bipolar Disorder attempt suicide, and 10 percent succeed. [Statistics]
B. Over the years people have argued about the possible causes of BD; however, as Fawcett explains, “biological factors are at least necessary, if not sufficient, conditions for their recurrence.”
1. Genetics play a huge role in the development of BD; researchers have found a number of genes that may be linked to the disorder.
2. If you have BD and your spouse does not, there is a 7.8 percent risk of a offspring developing bipolar disorder. [Statistics]
3. In addition, there is a 50 to 75 percent change for a child to develop a mood disorder if both parents have a history of bipolar disorder. [Statistics]

[Transition]: We've learned the symptoms and cause of BD; now let's review the different types and their symptoms.

BODY (Continued)

II. There are different patterns of BD that help doctors better diagnosed the disease and provide patients a premium treatment....

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