Statement of Purpose

It was my first schoolday as my first teacher(my father) came into our classroom and asked who was going to count untill 10,000. I, reddening, lifted my right hand aloft and went to the blackboard. I felt as if i were taking the whole responsibility of the class for counting untill 10,000. I made three mistakes,though: i forgot 13, 47 and 103. The teacher told me to stop as i was getting close to 400. That was my first success in working with numbers!

That day i felt i was doing well!

I attended the primary school Forobiy up to the 9th class and along with the subjects i did well on during the school, i took an Intensive Economy Course which gave me a push to study the field that has to do with numbers.

Long time has passed. During the time, I attended Dustlik Academic Lyceum for 3 years after my primary school. As Winston Churchill said: The day for firm decision came finally. I was very glad that i was going to study Accounting which i wished to study for a long time. But i had a kind of fortune that never misses, called misfortune. According to our family budget and to my rue, i couldnot go to the university i wished. I went then to Namangan State University where i studied English Language and Literature. My purpose to study Accounting has never died,though. Conversely, grew! I had all the time books about economy in my hand during language lectures at the university.

Now i am so glad to have a chance to study Accounting at Santa Barbara City College and to see me sitting in the library of the college working with accounting books by Barry J. Epstein and by Libbies. That is all why i am applying to the college. Now i am working on my accounting enhancement in and thank to Mr. Averkamp who created the website, i am making less mistakes on Drills/Puzzles of this website after a hard work in

I am going to become a CPA and i strongly believe that Santa Barbara City College is...

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