Sacramento City College

Psychology 300 Article Review

Instructor: Dr. Regalado 300 Points

There are three to four parts to this assignment:

1) Choose a topic in psychology that is of interest to you and that is discussed in your textbook or has been discussed in class.

2) If you are not familiar with using the library databases, attend a library orientation regarding the electronic databases available in the SCC library or complete the tutorial in the PILOT program that pertains to the library databases. You may skip this step if you already know how to find articles using the library databases.

3) Literature Review:
a) Conduct a review of the psychological literature that has been written regarding your topic.
1. Choose at least five sources of information: One must be your textbook. Two sources of information may be books from the library. Two sources of information must be articles from scholarly journals that you have found in the library databases. You must use your textbook and the two scholarly articles to anchor your paper and use your remaining references as supplements. This ensures that the information you gather regarding your topic is based on sound research.
2. After gathering your sources of information, read them to inform yourself of the research that has been done on your topic

4) Write a summary of what you learned about your topic from the articles you read in a seven-page, double-spaced paper.

The format of your paper should look like this:

1. Format a title page, using APA format. This will be the first page of your paper.
1. Starting on the second page, state your choice of topic.
2. In your own words, describe your topic and why it is important to our society and/or world to study this topic.
3. In your own words, describe what your sources of information stated regarding your topic.
4. The body of your paper should be at least five full pages...

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