A Silent Terrorist

A Silent Terrorist

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We live in a generation rocked by poverty, violence, terrorisms, and wars. And people of our time seem to be conscientiously shaken by the massive death of innocent people all over the world. Thousands of concerned individuals and human-right defenders would go out into the streets voicing out their protest against this horrible evil which desecrates human life and is slowly destroying humanity as a whole.

While these concerns are very good and highly laudable, at times, it makes us wonder whether these same people are also concerned with the millions of innocent and defenseless individuals who are dying every year, not because of indiscriminate bombings, nor hunger, nor wars, but in the hands of their own parents who make deliberate decisions to place their self-centered interests before God and the lives of their own unborn children – such is the horror of Abortion! Mother Teresa of Calcutta once lamented: “If we accept that a mother can kill her own child, how can we tell other people not to kill each other!”

In a recent survey, it was unveiled that more than forty (40) million babies have been legally murdered since 1973. Surely the world today would scowl with utter repugnance at the six (6) million Jews who were killed during the holocaust; at the ten (10) million Russians who were massacred under Stalin’s cruel reign; at the twenty (20) million who were killed in World War II; at the thousands who died during the attack of the twin Towers in New York; at the thousands who are dying of malnutrition in Africa every year, etc.. But isn’t it curious how this ‘supposed-to-be’ modern, cultured, refined, and civilized society of our time could be so indifferent and cruelly silent at the forty (40) million innocent children killed in abortion?

Indeed, the culture of death seems to have gradually infiltrated into the very heart of our modern society! And slowly, it is eating up the sensitivity of our communal conscience. Our political leaders are...

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