A Time of Happiness

A Time of Happiness

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Sometimes and I look up and wonder where I am. Then, I remember... my life. Happiness has forever evaded my grasp, but this day was peculiar. I wasn't expecting him to talk to me, but he gleefully adressed me that morning befor class. My heart jumped in my chest and I was speechless. What were his intentions? He'd never spoken to me before, so, why had he chosen to today? There was nothing out of the ordinary, no conflicts, and no needs to borrow a pencil; he was just talking to me.

"Uh," I said a bit shakily, "hello, Jeremy."

"What's wrong? You sound a little strange," he retorted.

"Nothing," I assured, "you just caught me off guard."

Suddenly, the school bell echoed through the halls, signaling it was time for class. We both smiled and I offered a melodic "see you later," and he simply waved. My heart skipped a beat as I thought about this strange occurance. Perhaps, he felt the same way about me as I did about him. Or, perhaps, his friend had paid him twenty dollars to show me some affection, so, he could dump me and they could laugh about it. Either way, I enjoyed every minute of it.
I broke out of thought to scurry to class. I had civics this morning, which wasn't normally the case. My schedule had been switched round, so that I had my least favorite class at the beginning of the day. I hated it. It was possibly the longest, most boring class I had. The fact that I yearned to see Jeremy again didn't help, either. I twisted my fingers repeatedly around each other and scribbled randomn images ont my classwork. I glanced at the clock every once in a while to find that it had only been three minutes since the last time I'd looked at the accursed machine. It was ten twenty-five and class wasn't over until eleven thirty. The thought that I'd be in this hellious class for so much longer haunted me and the ticking of the clock seemed to grow louder with every second until I couldn't take it anymore.

"Miss Barns, may I go to the restroom," I said...

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