A View from the Bridge (Intro)

A View from the Bridge (Intro)

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a view from the bridge is one of the modest Greek tragedies even though it was written in the mid 1950's ( 1956)
A view from a bridge is a play written by Arthur Miller in the 1950's. Miller wrote the play as a modern day Greek
tragedy in New York Brooklyn. Arthur Miller captures the audience with a true story twisted in his own words from
which emerge the controversial ideas of incest, cultural obligation and masculinity. The part in the play where
Alfieri mentions ‘it is not what but how' means that even though we know the end result its how the end result
happens in such an unexpected but inevitable way that it grips us and leaves us in shock even after the end.

The play is set in a ghetto community of Sicilian Italians. Most Italians at that time lived in poorer areas rather
than regular Americans who lived in richer areas. During the 1950's the Italians that lived in America had working
class jobs. Miller was studying the lives of dockworkers and longshoremen in Brooklyn's harbour. Auther miller
uses many techniques to cause dramatic tension....

in a view from the bridge, eddie was a good character in the start however because of the 2 brothers, marco
and roolfo, (cousins of beatrice ) Eddie becomes a bad character. this is all due to chaterine's love with rodolfo.
Beatrice wife of eddie is jealous of catherine as eddie keeps catherine at the centre of his life, while beatrice
thinks she should be in place of cahtherine.

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