A View from the Bridge (Notes)

A View from the Bridge (Notes)

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'I don't want to be a pest but I'm tellin' you, you're walkin' wavy - Eddie doesn't want Catherine to get upset with him, and respects her opinion but at the same time feels he needs to have some sort of control over her.

(Strangely nervous) that aint what I wanted though' - Eddie cares for Catherine but in a strange way, and perhaps not in the way an uncle would. He doesn't want Catherine to be independent and wants her to still be dependent on him. He wants this because if she's independent, she'll grow up and move away but he still wants to be in control of her.

Do me a favour will you? Go ahead.' Eddie doesn't like the way Catherine is dressing. Eddie's comment upsets Catherine and as Beatrice passes she gives him a 'cold look' this shows that Beatrice also thinks he's in the wrong.

Almost in tears at his disapproval' - Catherine longs for Eddie's approval and it really matters to her what he thinks.

I'm afraid of Eddie here' First revelation of the play: We realise that the fear that Catherine feels is beyond that of parental control, she fears for hers or Rodolfo's life.

I mean-I like him, Rodolfo- and I can't stand it!' Catherine is having an emotional crisis; the way Eddie is behaving is really getting to her.

(Upon seeing Rodolfo in the bedroom doorway) 'Eddie sees him and his arm jerks slightly in shock' Eddies first reaction is violence.

Catherine: 'I think I can't stay here no more' Eddie: 'You aint going nowheres.' Catherine fears for her life so much so that she feels the need to leave but Eddie doesn't want this and still needs to feel in control.

She strives to free herself he kisses her on the mouth' All Eddies tensions and feelings make him impulsively act out.

Eddie pins his arms, laughing, and suddenly kisses him' Eddie is insulting Rodolfo in the ultimate way. It is almost biblical in the sense that it is similar to Judas kissing Jesus and therefore betraying him. Eddie later betrays Rodolfo so the two are...

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