E-Book and Real Book

E-Book and Real Book

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Books are the long-lasting tools to disseminate widely knowledge. Both e-book and real book possess same essential function which is to let reader obtain knowledge. However, despite same function of both, there are few differences. In terms of portability, health and environmental issue, I will contrast those of dissimilarities. Even though it is quite distinct from e-book and paper book, I think that it is equally important on spreading knowledge for everyone.

The portability contrasts sharply in e-book versus real book. Indeed, e-book doesn't physically exist in reality, but we can hold and feel a printed book and its weight actually. When you were a pupil, you had to bring dozens of textbooks to school. Can you remember how heavy it was? The answer must be weighty. What if you were using e-reader to carry your textbooks? Not only did you take your textbooks handily, but you were able to contain many more textbooks beyond your imagination. No matter how big your backpack is, you are probably not able to bear thousands of books from place to place. For instance, a 1.5 gigabyte e-book reader can hold around 1,500 non-illustrated books. I would argue that only e-book can let you experience what is real mobility. If you are a book addict, e-book will be perfectly suitable for you to read books anywhere and anytime. It is so obvious that e-books’ portability is much better than actual books.

The major reason why people do not choose e-book is that using e-reader for a long period of time might cause eye problems. With the universality of electronic device like smartphone and tablet, everyone is easy to download e-book to read. If you enter a café such as Starbucks, you will notice the number of ‘phubbers’ is using their cellphone or tablet. Some of them may be that they are reading e-book in the café for a couple of hours. It is harmful to their eyes to stare on a digital screen for much time. Because eyes are lack of rest, it may cause eye strain. On the...

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