G.E.A.T. Program

G.E.A.T. Program

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George Simmons
CRJ 305 Crime Prevention
Prof. Valyncia Hill
April 29, 2013


Gang violence is a big problem in the United States. In my proposal, I will look at the Gang Resistance Education and Training (G.R.E.A.T.) Program and show how it can improve gang related crime in Tulsa Oklahoma. The city of Tulsa crime rate reports that this jurisdiction was higher than the national violent crime rate averaging by 171.03%. “City police of Tulsa have noticed gang violence has increase over the past years. The fight of gang related violence appears impossible as they relentlessly work to fight the problem within their city” (“Gang violence increasing,” 2008.) The G.R.E.A.T. program can significantly deter gang violence amongst youths in the United States.
Police of Oklahoma City figure there are roughly 5,000 or more gangs within Oklahoma City, while estimating about 1 percent of its city’s total population. Police of Oklahoma City are not saying which race has more local presence. Each gang in the city is made up of white, black, Asian and Hispanics. In this area alone, Chief of Police Bill Citty “said there were 50 or 60 such shootings in 1999,” (“Gang violence increasing,” 2008). However, reports show that in 2005 those numbers increased to about 260.
Due to its gang related violence, we are making the proposal for the city of Tulsa, Oklahoma. “Gangs have grown across American with the taking of neighborhood’s , recruit new members at an alarming rate, and in most cases, are the primary source of violence. The NDIC National Drug Intelligence center reports gang migrations and gang violence and has discerned the following after conducting an extensive study” (“Office of congressional affairs,” 2013). Tulsa is the sixth most dangerous city in the country. “This city experienced one of the most violent summers on record” (“Office of congressional,” 2013). At this time of the year, gangs in the City of Tulsa are at war and...

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