I Admire to Manny Pacquiao

I Admire to Manny Pacquiao

I am very proud to him....How did I first come to know Manny? I remembered I was watching a fight together with my family way, way back then. If I remember right, it was the Golden Boy's (Oscar dela Hoya) fight. But before the fight, we watched an undercard game. Manny. won it! Then I exclaimed to everyone how greatly he resembles to my youngest brother Landrum. It was the first time I saw him and the next thing I know he won in most of all his competitions till he reached the glory and gold that now become him.

I have always watched his game and in fact prays that he makes it everytime and it is because I admire this person and here are the reasons:

He gives glory to God. Everytime he wins, Manny never claims the win as his own! He always attribute the glory to God.( Although undeniably he is a very rigid,focused and disciplined athlete which contributed to his success.) In fact in this current win, in an interview he said this, "My power comes from God and this would not have been all possible without Him; I surrender everything to Him and believe in Him 100%." Before the beginning and end of his fight, he always goes to his corner, kneeling and praying and kissing the cross on his rosary.

He loves the Philippines. Manny Pacquiao is a patriot. It is obvious in his talks, all the time he would like to share his win to his countrymen. And it made me realize that one can excel in his field if he possessed with the deepest love to the country that nurtured him and it is not exlusive to the privileged Filipinos. He had a very deprived life before fame and riches came into his hands yet he truly loves the Philippines and never complains.

He loves his family. Family where he come from: Manny Pacquiao loves his family. He is a family man. Being a son raised alone by a mother who has been abandoned by her husband for another woman, it was obviously a difficult life for him. Instead of hating his father and wallowing in hatred and revenge,...

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