I Am Not

I Am Not

Part II

1. An owner/operator should prepare the company from stage 1 to stage 2 by developing programs to transition from one stage to another. Once the programs to implement change are decided a budget must be created to see how much the programs will cost and ensure the resources can be provided. Standard operating procedures must be developed to guide the transition.
The owner must be willing to relinquish some control to others, and be able to effectively delegate authority and tasks.

2. In most cases strategy will follow structure. In order to implement a strategy there has to be some type of structure in place, even if it is an informal structure.
The structure of the organization will be responsible for the overseeing and participation of whichever strategy is decided upon.
This is not to say that throughout the whole process the structure will not go through changes itself. From beginning to end of the process, the structure of the organization maybe very different and possibly more formal.

Part III

Presently Panera has a network structure in different geographical areas. The head office is located in St. Louis, Missouri. They have contracted suppliers located within a 200 mile radius of their cafe locations. The cafes are located throughout most of the United States.

The decision making is mostly centralized with cafes needing approval on location, design, and he products being sold. This is clearly understood, and appears to meet the company’s objectives. The organizational culture supports this and is understood by all.

Marketing objective is more implied than stated. There is minimal advertising cost with the assumption that word of mouth and charitable work will do the rest.

Overall Panera is growing; net income is increasing yearly. However, cost is increasing as well. Assets are increasing and so are franchisees. There are more franchises but revenue is not as stable in this area, and has decreased...

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