I don't care

I don't care

I don't care what others think

I don't care is thrown around a lot these days , it's not easy to someone who is loved by everyone and still be the best at everything, starting of year seven all I cared about was sport and good grades, going through academy after academy in rugby I started to get the girls, that's where I made my mistake, I cud still be in my country rugby team but one day a stupid ignorant girl caused me just to say, I don't care about this and that's where it's gone down hill, well I don't care about her anymore
These people always try to stop me from being my self, I'm bullied for revision and cannot express my pure love from sport and other subjects, there's only really two people I would wish I had never met , one is a 5'7 Asian boy who thinks he owns the world and the other is a rather chubby white boy that thinks he's in the 'crew'. These people can make my pe a misery a specially when they never papas or even try to play as a team, it's never about helping for them, it's about impressing each other and leaving the losers behind

I don't care what they think any more as they aren't the boss of me they cannot control me or tell me what to do, at the end of the day I am the one who is going to make it and eventually I will get my revenge, I'm going to be the owner of a large bossiness and they will be working for me on minimum wage with long hours, it's not hate it's just pay back. Let's just say I don't care what they think.

I'm going to make it , I tell you now you will hear my name all over the papers when i am older, I'm going to be a hard worker as you only get back what you put in . I'm not someone to stop and let others take control, I'm a natural leader a talker, a commander, I do as much as the man who does the most because I want to show by example.

I know it might be difficult to those who aren't the sportiest or the clever est but surely those who want it more will get it first 99% of the time . It's not about...

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