I Give My Right Arm for That

I Give My Right Arm for That

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I’d never given my time and attention on one thing; nevertheless, to do anything just to obtain it. Ever in my life, I don’t get rush. I’ve done things slowly and surely but now, everything went upside down. I always get cracking on everything that I do now and then; and, one thing for sure, it’s because I can’t help myself even for a minute not thinking about him. He’s been my brand of heroin since then, I found him.

It was the day that the students awaited the most, and the day that I finally found my “labour of love”.

I was almost late for my class; thus, I’ve been in the library for so long. I’ve been waiting for him the moment I reach inside but he’s still not available. So, as I settled in my seat for the class, an image suddenly appeared in my thoughts. An image of a lad that has a perfect face – he has this pale white icy skin; his lips, that formed a crooked smile, were red; moreover, a gold glinting in his eyes that you can’t resist. I knew him from the start I saw him. He’s Edward Cullen, the man of every girls dream; also, the fictional character that causes my life being miserable. I was eager to hold him tight in my arms, but I hold on to myself thinking that if I made a move, he’ll just vanish; therefore, I just treasure the moment by staring at him.

Before, he’s just unimportant name - that had been the cause of flying bees in the campus - for me. My classmate, Keidy told me everything she new about him though I’m kind of uninterested at first. She told me that I should read about him in the story entitled twilight; otherwise, I would be left behind. She promised me that as soon as I have it, I won’t regret reading it. The librarian was the one who told us the exact date, November 20, on which the twilight books would be out for borrowing. We were the only students that she told about it and we were both thrilled.

The bell rang and it knocked me down with feather from my dream. I felt...

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