I Just Neeed Answeres

I Just Neeed Answeres

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Johnny was a nice boy, he got good grades, had lots of friends, and he always knew how to have fun, until one day he got some news that would change his life forever. The phone rang and on the other line it sounded like a man, deep voice, fright in his words, and a loss of breath. “Hello, is this the smith family?” he asked. “ummm yes, who’s this?” Johnny replied kind of worried. “Oh sorry, im doctor Marshal, I need to see your mom at the hospital right away, something went wrong with her check-up!” “Ok, ill get her down there as fast as I can! Bye,” Johnny hung up the phone and ran to get his mother.

Once they got to the hospital the doctors did some tests right away. With Johnny waiting in the waiting room hoping that his mother would be alright. The doctor came out and explained to Johnny what was happening to his mom. Johnny hugged the doctor and said “try everything you can please, she’s the only thing I have left!” the doctor look at him and said, “I will try, but there’s not much I can do.” The doctor told Johnny that he could go and visit her now but it won’t be for long. So Johnny stepped in the room, and saw his mom lying on the bed of course watching her favorite show, the food network. “Hey mom, how you feeling?” Johnny was hoping to get a good response. She looked over at him with her tired eyes and said, “Johnny I love you, take care of yourself for me, because I cant do it for much longer.” And all at once she was gone.


Johnny didn’t know how to get over the death of his mother, so every day after school he would pull out a bottle of vodka and drink until it was all gone. He was now always getting into trouble. He wasn’t caring about his marks, and his friends turned against him because he would make fun of them just to get himself to laugh. He thought there was no point in trying anymore until summer moved in next door. Beautiful long brown...

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