This I Just My Essay

This I Just My Essay

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Just wanted to find a free place to study or use as a reference for my essays..
As you are away correspondence has been sent to you, regarding Micah's failure to complete a number of set school work and assessment tasks. For your information details of the correspondence and meetings arranged to address the issues are outlined below. The effect of this is that Micah will be deemed to have not followed the courses listed below as developed by the Board of Studiesa dn has not applied himself with diligence and sustrained effort to the set tasks and experiences provided in the course by terra sancta college. It is imperative that you contact the school to arrance an interview with myself and Mrs Cairns, Assistant Principal, to address the isssues outlined above. Should Micah fail to complete the set school work and assessment task he will receieve and N Determination in thoses ubject which could lead to the non award of the School Certificate.

This was the letter that was presented to our parents from the school that micah did not follow and complete set assessment tasks which could possibly that he can not attain his School Certificate.ESSAY
Deadly Unna
Deadly Unna is a book written by a person called Phillip Gwynne, and the topic of this book is mainly racism against aboriginals. In the book the racism from name calling and other things like racist comments on a wall (tagging).That is how racism can be displayed in our local community today.

The first racism showed in the book is the tagging on the wall which said “boongs piss off”. ‘Boongs’ in that statement is a racial way of saying Aboriginals. This line was put on a wall in mixed community of aboriginal and white people, but the white people in that community didn’t like the thought of sharing the land with aboriginals living in there area. That is one sign of racism

Another act of racism throughout the story is the time when Dumby Red did not receive the MVP trophy because he was...

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