i only have this because i need to read an essay

i only have this because i need to read an essay

Ventura County
Air Pollution
Control District
3433 Roberto Court, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
TEL: (805) 781-5912 FAX: (805) 781-1002
Email: info@slocleanair.org
Web Site: www.slocleanair.org

260 N. San Antonio Road, Suite A
Santa Barbara, CA 93110-1315
TEL: (805) 961-8800 FAX: (805) 961-8801
Email: engr@sbcapcd.org
Web Site: www.sbcapcd.org

669 County Square Drive, Ventura CA 93003
TEL: (805) 645-1401 FAX: (805) 645-1444
Email: engineering@vcapcd.org
Web Site: www.vcapcd.org

(Application must be typewritten, computer generated, or hand printed in ink. Complete all pages of the application.)
IMPORTANT: To assure that your application is complete include all of the following when submitting this application:
Registration Fee
Complete all sections
Signature on Application
One Engine per Application
San Luis Obispo APCD: $210

Santa Barbara APCD: $229

Ventura APCD: $200

This application form is for the registration of existing and new stationary and portable diesel engines rated greater than or
equal to 50 bhp that are used in Agricultural Operations. To the extent allowed by law, the engine registered in this
application may be operated in San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara or Ventura Counties. The registration will denote any
geographic operational restrictions. You do not need to register diesel engines used to power agricultural wind machines or
engines that provide motive power (i.e., motor vehicles, tractors). You are required to register the engine in the County that
the engine resides. See Form AG-2 for instructions and common definitions of the terms used in this application and the
Airborne Toxic Control Measure. Submit this application to the District in which the engine resides.
1. Facility Name:
Assessor Parcel Number(s) (APN)

Facility Street Address
City, State ZIP:

2. ENGINE OWNER: (If a rental unit, fill in the rental company’s information here.) Is this a...

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