I Think That Barack Obama Would Be a Great President.

I Think That Barack Obama Would Be a Great President.

I Think That Barack Obama Would Be A Great President.

Barack Obama is a Democratic Senator from Illinois and a candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination. He comes at a time where we are lacking in jobs for American Citizens, need for health care and lack of community organization. We need visionary leadership. The man I think is capable of great leadership is Barack Obama. He is a lawyer, teacher, humanitarian, author and a compassionate black man. Barack Obama doesn't need another career. He is entering politics to give back to his true passion, community organization. This man is making history.

First of all, Barack Obama has many qualifications. At the age of 30 he, returned to Chicago in 1991 after three exceptional years at Harvard Law School. When he returned to Chicago, he didn't like what he saw. He was ready to continue his battle to organize Chicago's black neighborhoods. But the state of the city restrained his enthusiasm. He was going to utilize the lessons he learned from being a community activist and also being fresh from a term as president of the prestigious Harvard Law Review, a position he was the first African-American to hold. He wrote in his book, Dreams From My Father, "I would find the signs of decay accelerated throughout the South Side--the neighborhoods shabbier, the children edgier and less restrained, more middle-class families heading out to the suburbs, the jails bursting with glowering youth, my brothers without prospects. All too rarely do I hear people asking just what it is that we've done to make so many children's hearts so hard, or what collectively we might do to right their moral compass--what values we must live by. Instead I see us doing what we've always done--pretending that these children are somehow not our own." He wants a better life for children.

Today, Barack Obama has entered the presidential race after years of law practice and civic activism. He has decided...

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